Deathmatch on Isla

“There is an objective, the objective is murder.” – Emlyn Agnew

4 Squads, 1 light tank, first squad to reach the kill limit wins. Random spawns and squad spawns. Simple game mode but it offers so much variety

A truly interesting game mode. It is a death match, but with a small team. You get the frantic four way battles of deathmatch, yet you get the conquest style squad play of holding down a house as the other squads attack with everything they’ve got. The game mode is chaotic, especially on the small map of Isla. It walks a fine line between fast paced combat and uNcontrolabLe (get it?) explosive spam. You could be moving from house to house with your squad taking bros out, or you could be swarmed with Gustavs, 40mm launchers and SV-98 shots.

Don’t get me wrong, the SV-98 is PURE SWAG.

Squad deathmatch is the best game mode to play if you can’t play with people. You may not win much, but you don’t need a team to hold points on the map or destroy vehicles. Playing alone is all about moving and shooting. It’s pretty much sprinting or shooting. There is the occasional posting-up in a house to restock on ammo.

It is also one of the best experience with friends. with a buddy the increased teamwork and communication elevates the game to another level. This is true with Bad Company 2 in any game mode, but it has a certain magic when it is a 1v3 ratio of teammates to  enemies. Your three teammates seem like your best friends.

While not my favorite game mode, squad deathmatch is a good game mode to practice gun skills or try out a new kit. I played Isla when I first started playing to get more combat time. I’d recommend it to anyone who feels their combat skills could use a bit of work. My sure as hell can.



110 FOV on Leguna Presa Conquest. This game looks good.


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