Singleplayer Games

Single player games are relaxing and fun, but they just become a depressing time sink after a while. You can play them for hours alone, taking a whole day and not interacting with anyone. Call it Sunday blues but I never feel as satisfied or happy when playing single player games. I think playing with and against other humans keeps things interesting, more challenging and more satisfying. To many, multiplayer games are all about the competition. It’s not as much the game but it’s defeating other people. That’s not the whole story for me. I think I love multiplayer games so much for a variety of reasons.

For one, it is more social. Skyrim is great, but at the end of the day it is really lonely. Multiplayer games let you play with other people even if you don’t communicate directly, and if you do have direct contact with teammates, it’s so much better. Working with a team to take objectives against other people have been some of the best experiences I’ve ever had when gaming. Some co-op games, such as Borderlands, has the same idea, but because the team is going against AI, it lacks the other side of teamwork which is overcoming the challenge together.

People love to be challenged in games. That’s why there are different difficulties available in most games. Challenges forces one to use their skills and tactics. In order to succeed, the player must raise their level of execution. While singleplayer games can be challenging, they all reach a maximum challenge level at some point. Multiplayer games shine because the difficulty goes up as the opponents improve their execution as well. This is why games such as Counter Strike 1.6 and Call of Duty 4 Promod are so fantastic to watch. The level of the players is incredibly high, and the experience improves because of this.

Playing against other people keeps things fresh as well. You may play a level a few times and get bored, but multiplayer maps stay fresh for years because people behave in very different ways. If I play Skyrim with a new character, the game will be nearly identical, and will not be as interesting. It’s not the games fault, it’s just the singleplayer reality.It mis very different for a multiplayer game. I remember playing 24/7 Oasis conquest with the assault kit for a week straight. The map didn’t change and my weapons didn’t change much, but the challenge changed each time. It may have been the same guys on the server but each game was unique because we had to change things up in order to win.

By the way, this was on the “Big TiDDies and Cake” server, which is now gone. RIP Oasis conquest, I love you so much.

This Is why I love multiplayer games so much. It provides everything from socialization and teamwork to tactics and amazing challenge.






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