Skyrim is just too easy. Not that the games damage dealt verses damage given is off, but the stealth quests don’t provide any challenge. I spent the whole day carrying out really easy assassinations that felt so lame because It took no effort whatsoever. I’ve tried to make it harder, such as going completely undetected but it still feels bland.

My build has very little health and is somewhat weak for a reason. Combat is more fun when it is challenging and I have to get creative to win. I felt like I sucked away a day into nothing. It lacked a real challenge that I had to think about. I feel that is one thing that Oblivion did really well. Even though that game was flawed, the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quest lines offered something really fun that required a game plan and skill.

I like the sneaking aspect of the game but I feel like the game needs more input options in order to really shine. Right now it’s still walking around and clicking the attack button. That is similar to Bad Company 2 but in Battlefield the enemy is also skilled so you have to use you move and shoot really well. In Skyrim, there is not a ton of skill in the combat, which makes sense because it is a role playing game. At the same time it is not really a role playing game because there aren’t very many role playing aspects other than leveling up and getting better gear. One could make the argument that those two things are what define an RPG, but I think of the Morrowind model with character builds and having to work to improve and become a powerful character. It feels like Skyrim is an easy action game with roleplaying elements, not a true difficult roleplaying game like Morrowind was.

Life goes on

time stays adrift

the gamer searches for their ultimate game

must take skill yet provide much fun

The search, the search continues

many games rise as many games fall 

still waiting for the one to defeat them all





I went through a whole dungeon sneak attacking people. I almost had to try to be noticed. Maybe there is a sneaking mod I should try.


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