Field of View (with bad sketches)

A tricky subject. It is mostly personal preference but is a critical part of a first person game. Field of view is essentially what slice of the world that shows up on your screen. The bigger the FOV, the more you can see, but the smaller everything is. Small FOVs are like aiming. Things are zoomed in, but you can’t see very much. In most games, when you aim, the game just decreases your FOV.


Smaller Fields of view give a zoom effect, while large fields of view compress more of the game world onto your screen.

Similarly, a close monitor will take up a big angle of your vision, making small fields of view seem cramped and give you tunnel vision. Console players usually sit father away where the TV is smaller, so the FOV is smaller to match that. Many Games offer an FOV option, some games are as small as 55 and other (mostly PC only) have FOVs up to 120.

Big FOVs cause fish-eye and can make targets very small, so a good balance is needed. My favorite FOV is probably 90 degrees, but I have gone as big as 120 degrees.


This is an explanation of fish-eye, and the weird effect that happens as your turn with big FOV. The side images become centered so they take up more screen space, giving this weird expansion and compression of the game world as you turn.


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