Sound Cards

Getting a sound card is a pretty massive boost in my gaming experience. Bad Company 2, a game with fantastic audio, now sounds incredibly crisp and accurate. I feel so much more in tune with the game as well. Everything feels so much clearer and closer in a way. Sometimes I load up high graphics settings and war tapes just to be overwhelmed. Laguna Presa is magnificent with the shallow water and chirping birds. 

It’s too bad that war tapes and high graphics make the multiplayer a overwhelming, re-verb induced explosion of my senses. I guess that’s what home cinema and my spotting config are for.

Music is now on a whole new level of awesome as well. I can’t remeber the last time I listen to music with lyrics. Must have been She and Him a few weeks ago. Vocals are for nerds anyway.





The Joy of Building

I’ve been getting into modding recently, mostly on the gun model construction front, and I must say it’s fantastic. I realize so much of my energy as a PC and objective playing elitist is spent trying to convince other people to build and play games right. I enjoy having control over how my guns look, but more than anything I genuinely enjoy making them. It’s not a means to an end at all. I don’t mind if the process will take years because the journey is so great.

When my pistol and sniper rifle are complete I’ll post them for all you loyal fans that exist in my mind.

I’d also like to get a good CRYENGINE3 map going soon. I want to use my own meshes and textures, but I need to have those made first, but that’s getting there too. I think natural objects will be less time consuming than weapons. Rocks are less complicated and also don’t need to be as well made because they aren’t right in front of your face like gun models are. Also anyone who doesn’t run a spotting config in a competitive game is either looking for a great visual experience or is uninformed or casual. Both of which should get the hell out of my squad to free up a good spawn point to capture the charlie. If you had a proper audio config you would of heard that DUDE, WE LOST THE FIRE BASE!

I still can’t tell which base is the fire base. I think it’s the base closest to the enemy un-cap, but it seems like whatever non-middle base we lose is called the fire base. Nice one Marlowe!


P.S. My 12 page BC2 guide is almost done. I have everything form Audio settings to kit load-out guides to aid you in madly rushing objectives and dying. 🙂