Pleasant Hitmarkers


A static target. The hitmarkers look really nice.


The Chasing is Getting Better!

I had a pretty good chasing game. I got my first real chase win, where I hunted down a capper and got the flag back on my own. It felt really good.

I went back to the light spinfusor because I’m much better with it and the increased rate of fire is really nice in those spammy situations. I’ve been using rage and started running it with lightweight, which was awesome. I can dodge so much and boost so hard. I take much more damage from my boosts, and it takes longer for it to come back, but I can get to speed faster. I’m not going to stay alive long enough for the lack of health regeneration to really matter. I’m going to try reach and egocentric as well to see if the increased room for error and self damage help me.




First Day Chasing. I Blew it.

I tried chasing today without the light assault rifle and messed it up pretty bed. I had a crap suicide E-grab and a missed E-grab that resulted in captures. I’d like the think I’m improving but I should have done better and not let my team down.

I’m on the road to LAR. That’s where my XP is going. Also I need to stop missing flags at 225 km/h. And stop missing nitrons.

Tribes: Ascend

I have found it. After searching for months I have found a competitive game that I love. It’s hard but I love it because of that. I’ll be trying a massive amount of classes and play styles to find my style and improve. No more diddling on many games, it’s time to go to work.


The third and final direct air hit on this heavy. This is my game.